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Essential Oils

Designed for modern day alchemy. Set with intentional symbols and words to support self-care, intuition and ritual.

Certified Organic

Alkimista products are officially certified by Australia's leading certification body -Australian Certified Organics (ACO). We follow the ACO guidelines surrounding organic ingredients and sustainable packaging and are committed to choosing only the highest quality oils.


Our philosophy reflects our belief that simple acts, habits and rituals can profoundly impact on the essential aspects of our lives, namely, our emotional, physical and spiritual health.


Essential Oils Designed For

Self-Care | Intuition | Ritual

I got goosebumps...

when I opened the box. The magnetic energy came right at me. I love choosing from my selection, based on how I am feeling and what I am doing. I think I’ll be getting my friends some, just so they can experience the magic of these oils. 


My daughter adores using Alkimista Peace with the salts in the bath, telling me she feels like her worries have disappeared after a long soak. She is calmer and visibly settled afterwards. Thank you Alkimista for helping my daughter release from her day, and for helping me be a better parent!


Magic in a bottle!

With so many essential oils available on the market, Alkimista is by far my most favourite! Their beautiful aromas are captured subtlety in equally beautiful bottles which help me to hit the reset button each time I use them. Pure magic.


Vegan & Cruelty Free


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