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Limited Edition Purpose Ritual Box

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The Purpose Box.🔮✨ Designed for manifesting your soul's dreams and desires!

The perfect ritual box to support your journey of re-connection to your purpose.

Create sacred space and intentional energies to deepen your connection within and access your inner wisdom which brings clarity and direction. This ritual box is based on the element of Fire that moves, transmutes and fuels passions & desires… re-connect to your inner flame. Fire relates to the solar plexus chakra. This energy promotes personal power, happiness, will and intellect. Fire is dynamic and fuelled by passion, it is the element of strength, fullness, action and life force.

We have released a small number of these exclusive boxes  

What's in the box??

1 x 15ml  Alkimista PUPROSE | Organic orange sweet essential oil 

1 X Magic of I | A6 Vegan Leather Pocket Journal | Limited Edition 152 page blank lined pocket mini journal for all your journalling purposes. It is imbued with magic and intention to celebrate the gift of being alive

1 x Amber Soy Travel Candle, with added vanilla, benzoin, cedar wood, Indian sandalwood and warm, heady base of patchouli.

1 x Selenite Rod for self-care rituals

1 x 100 % Organic Sacred Drinking Cacao Fire | Chilli Sachet

1 x Purposefully chosen labradorite crystal for your connection practices
1 x Intuitively chosen oracle card with a message for you

This is the perfect self-care gift for you or a loved one who is looking to connect to their purpose, or who might need some guidance and inspiration in the next steps of their journey. 🔮✨

You can purchase the limited edition purpose box for $69!