Purification Sage Smudge Kit

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Alkimista Smudge Kit | The perfect sage smudge stick kit for rituals and cleansing.
This magical little smudge kit promotes peace and calm and works to cleanse negative energies. Simply light the sage bundle or palo santo stick and set the intention to cleanse negative energies from your home and life. Perfect for personal rituals and cleansing people, spaces or objects.

The kit includes:

1 x Mini White Sage Smudge Stick.  Alkimista hand-rolled mini white sage smudge sticks are 100% USA certified organic. They come tied with coloured natural thread. Grown using sustainable farming practices in California.

White sage has been used throughout the ages in ceremonies and rituals to support the cleansing of the home and workspace. It is also traditionally used to help clear negative energies. 

3 x Natural Palo Santo Sticks. Palo Santo is a sacred tree that grows in select parts of South America. Its name translates to 'Holy wood'. It has been used for centuries by shamans in ritual prayer, ceremonies and healing. It is known for its metaphysical properties of purification and clearing negative energies. 

Alkimista Palo Santo is hand-cut per traditional methods and as a result sizes and shapes of each stick may vary. Our suppliers ensure this holy wood is treated with respect. They only use naturally fallen trees that have been lying peacefully for between 4-10 years. Every fallen tree that is taken, is also replaced with a seedling working towards continuously restoring the palo santo population.

1 x Abalone Shell Smudge Bowl. With a natural Mother-Pearl finish from earth's ocean. This beautiful shell will make the perfect bowl for your spiritual cleansing. 

1 x Intuitively picked crystal & oracle card

Please note that for each kit, the crystals, sage & shell will vary slightly as they are natural beauties.