Divine Feminine Ritual Box

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The perfect ritual box to reconnect & celebrate your inner divine feminine.

Create a sacred space and intentional energies to deepen your connection & celebrate your inner feminine energy. This Ritual Box calls for a time of radical self-love that nurtures us to the core of our essence, to a time of deeper connection to the divine within us.

The element chosen for this is Earth. With this we want to celebrate our beautiful mother Earth that holds us, supports us, and loves us. The divine

feminine energy is one of creation, is one that calls for the birth of a “new Earth '' filled with love, peace, and awareness. This Earth element lives within and around us… and we are the co-creators.

This ritual box includes:

1 x 15 ml Alkimista Awareness | Earth I Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

1 x Magic of I - Pocket size journal

1 x Rose Quartz Chun

1 x Divine Feminine Oracle Cards Deck  

1 x Alkimista Handcrafted Soap 

1 x Rose Quartz Face Roller 

1 x Ritual card 

Alkimista Awareness | Organic Ylang Ylang  Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Cananga Odorata  Size: 15ml

The properties of Organic Ylang Ylang are balancing and calming. It is useful in alleviating stress, relieving mood swings, and promoting calmness. It can also be a soothing addition to your sleep routine. It is said to be aphrodisiac. This essential oil has been set with the intentional energy of Awareness and the element symbol of earth, which relates to the root chakra. This energy promotes a sense of safety, grounding and nourishment as well as the ability to see beyond the construct of society, it is the element of potential and transformation but also stability and stillness. It reminds us of being aware that we have the power of creating our own magic every day, no matter how crazy this life can seem.

Magic of i  | Pocket size journal I Vegan leather

This very special pocket-size journal with its luxe vegan leather cover is a beautiful sacred space where to record your insights, dreams, and visions for your life purpose. Messages and insights often come at very unexpected times, so this is the perfect size journal to use during your connection rituals or to have with you wherever you go.

Rose Quartz Chunk  | Unconditional Love

The beautiful Rose Quartz is a crystal that carries the energy of unconditional love. A soft feminine energy of compassion, tenderness and healing. It nourishes and comforts the heart by relieving emotional wounds and fears. Reconnecting to the heart it supports loving relationships, self-love, the ability to give and receivE and a sense of peace and contentment. A perfect stone to be used in this ritual of reconnection to your divine feminine energy.

Divine Feminine I Oracle Cards Deck

This oracle deck is an invitation to reawaken the sacred Feminine that exists within us. This beautiful deck contains 53 cards with representations of divine women from myths, religions and history. Each card is accompanied by a message that reveals the aspect of the feminine you need to integrate and embody more fully in your life. This deck is for all women seeking healing, empowerment and transformation. 

Small Soy Candle Tin  | Made with love Co.

Natural soy wax blended with high-quality fragrance oil which is hand-poured into lightweight stylish white travel tins. Each candle delivers a beautiful scent and burns for up to 20 hours. Weight: 85 gr.

Rose Quartz Roller | Self-care rituals 

The combination of Rose Quartz (the crystal of unconditional love) and the face roller is perfect for self-care rituals that help move stagnant energies. Crystal face rollers have been used for beauty rituals since the times of ancient China. It is said to reduce puffiness and increase blood circulation. We personally love to use it on our face but also on our arms along the energy meridians. 

Alkimista Handcrafted Soap | Self-care rituals 

This very special natural soap has been handcrafted for Alkimista and infused with our Organic essential oil Connection Blend. Perfect for a special bath or self-care cleansing ritual. Let the aroma of the Alkimista Connection Bled take you on a special journey of deep relaxation and peace. 

This ritual box has been consciously created and comes packaged in our eco-friendly packaging. Featuring 100% recycled paper shred, natural water-activated paper tape and soft jute twine.