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Limited Edition Purpose Ritual Box

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The Purpose Box.🔮✨ Designed for manifesting your soul's dreams and desires!

We have released a small number of these exclusive boxes  

What's in the box??

1 x 15ml  Alkimista FIRE | Organic orange sweet essential oil 

1 x Red Jasper gemstone face roller for your self-care rituals

1 x Frankincense and Myrrh candle infused with black citrine crystals (Approx 25 hours burn time) 

1 x 100 % Organic Sacred Drinking Cacao Fire | Chilli Sachet

1 x Printed ritual for manifesting your soul's desires

1 x Shelby's Peanut butter & Dark Choc bar - Because Sweet treats are needed!

1 x Purposefully chosen Citrine crystal for your connection practices

1 x Intuitively chosen oracle card with a message for you

This is the perfect self-care gift for you or a loved one who is looking to connect to their purpose, or who might need some guidance and inspiration in the next steps of their journey. 🔮✨

You can purchase the limited edition purpose box for $67!